Instructions for Authors


Instructions for Book Review Contributors

The Journal of Modern History is edited according to the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th ed. (Chicago, 2010). All book review manuscripts submitted for publication in the JMH must conform to the following requirements.


  • The entire manuscript must be double spaced.
  • Italics should be indicated with an italic typeface, not with underlining.
  • Paragraphing should be indicated with indentations, not with extra space between paragraphs.
  • Quotation marks should always be double, not single; single quotation marks should be used only to set off quotations within quotations.
  • Punctuation with quotation marks: periods and commas at the ends of quotations should always go inside the closing quotation mark. Other punctuation (colons, semicolons, question marks, exclamation points) should always go outside unless part of the quotation.


  • Names: Give first names or initials of every person mentioned for the first time in the review, whether in the text or in a citation, unless they are well known even to nonspecialists in the field.
  • Acronyms: Acronyms and abbreviations should be spelled out at their first appearance in the text, followed by the shortened form in parentheses. Subsequently the acronym or abbreviation alone is sufficient. If the acronym or abbreviation is from a foreign language, it is usually preferable to spell it out in English.
    Examples: Member of Parliament (MP); National Socialist party (NSDAP)
  • Notes: Should be kept to a minimum. Citations should be given in parentheses in the text in most cases. If notes are unavoidable, they should begin on a separate page following the text.

  • Quotations from the book under review: Provide page numbers in parentheses in the text when the book under review is quoted. For example: “quoted material” (000).
  • References to other works: When other works are cited or quoted, please provide references in parentheses in the text as follows:
    • For monographs: (Author, Title [City of publication, year], page number for quotation if applicable)
    • For edited volumes: (Editor, ed., Title [City of publication, year], page number for quotation if applicable)
    • For articles: (Author, "Title," Journal Title volume number [year]: inclusive pages, page number for quotation if applicable) 
    • More examples may be found in the book review section of recent issues of the JMH. You may also wish to consult the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th ed., chap. 14.