Celebrating 100 Years of Isis

“It is our duty to take advantage of every available source of information, to set in full light every action which was really great and noble, and yet to look towards the future for greater and nobler things.”
                                                                                                                         George Sarton

In 2009 we celebrated the appearance of the one-hundredth volume of Isis. The Focus section in the March issue of Isis contained five pieces on George Sarton’s vision for the journal and how it had shaped its evolution over the years. Now we have another milestone to commemorate. The very first issue of Isis was produced in March 1913. That means that the end of 2012 marked a full hundred years of the journal.

Join us as we celebrate this tremendous accomplishment throughout the year. Scan the Chicago Journals Facebook page and Twitter for updates, contests, and surprises as we celebrate throughout this centenary year.