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Is Ethics the right journal for my manuscript?

Policy Statement

Ethics is an international journal of moral, political, and legal philosophy. It publishes work from disciplines that have a normative dimension, including philosophy and law, as well as work with normative implications in social, economic, and political theory. Essays should avoid unnecessary technicality and strive to be accessible to the widest possible audience without sacrificing clarity and rigor. Ethics publishes both theory and the application of theory to contemporary moral issues. Historical essays are welcome, provided they have significant implications for contemporary theory.

places a premium on original, well-argued work that also exhibits felicity of expression. We invite potential authors to read through our tables of contents and some of the freely available articles that were recently published in Ethics to get a sense of the kinds of articles Ethics publishes (

Please note that

  • Authors must guarantee their submission is original, owned by the author, that no part of it has been previously published, and that no other agreement to publish it or part of it is outstanding.
  • As a matter of policy, we publish historical or interpretive essays only if they have significant implications for ongoing theoretical work.
  • We limit the critical discussions we publish to short critiques of articles that have appeared in our own pages and to commissioned review essays on recent books.
  • The journal will not accept submissions of discussion pieces until 90 days following the publication of the article that is the focus of the discussion.
  • Ethics focuses on analytical studies in moral, social, political, and legal philosophy and, hence, does not generally publish empirical studies that lack significant theoretical reflection.
  • Authors may not submit a revised version of a manuscript that was rejected without an invitation to resubmit, even if the manuscript has been substantially revised and/or the reviewers or editor provided recommendations for revision.
  • Unsolicited book reviews are not accepted.

If you think that Ethics is the correct outlet for your manuscript, please go to How do I prepare and submit my manuscript to Ethics?

What should I expect once I've submitted?