Submission Guidelines

American Art is published in March, July, and November. The journal considers submissions in a variety of formats, including feature-length essays, commentaries, new perspectives, and paired perspectives (see below for more information on formats).


The journal aims to reach a broad readership across the field of American art history. High-quality submissions addressing a wide range of subjects and time periods are welcome. We seek thesis-driven texts that frame American art and visual culture in innovative ways. We encourage sustained visual analysis and critical interpretation of the cited works of art.


Submissions must not be under publication consideration elsewhere nor have been previously published in part or in whole. Likewise, they must not be expansions or abbreviations of other published works that approach the topic from the same point of view.


Authors interested in submitting manuscripts should send their essays by e-mail to The text, captions, and a 250-word abstract should be sent as Word documents, and images should be sent as a separate PDF file. Abstracts should clearly and succinctly state the author’s thesis, principal findings, and original contribution to the field of American art.


Authors should place their name, email address, phone number, and mailing address on the cover page. Please delete acknowledgments and any other identifying information from your submission. Authors will receive a confirmation notice upon receipt of the manuscript.


Submissions are accepted throughout the year. Queries regarding possible topics are welcomed, but an expression of interest on the part of the journal’s editorial staff is not an assurance of publication.


Text and notes should conform to the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th Edition. They should be double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font throughout. Notes should appear at the end of the article.


When submitting manuscripts, authors should include a PDF of all illustrations, as well as a caption list. Please refer to the online or print journal for caption format.


If the manuscript is accepted, the author is expected to provide publication-quality images for the article as well as copyright permissions to reproduce them in both the print and electronic editions of the journal. Pictures must be 300 dpi digital files at 3,000 pixels wide (approximately 9 inches), color transparencies, or 8 x 10 inch black-and-white prints.

Editorial procedures

All articles published in American Art have undergone rigorous review based on an initial screening by the executive editor, double-blind refereeing by independent experts, and consequent revisions by authors when required. 


Primary evaluation criteria include:

  • relevance of the essay to the journal’s aims, scope, and readership
  • innovation of the argument
  • significance of the scholarship to the field of American art
  • methodological rigor
  • clarity of expression
  • sophistication of the engagement with visual materials


Feature articles

Each issue of the journal includes several feature-length articles. The recommended length for these texts is 7,000-10,000 words. They should include 15 to 20 images.

Shorter pieces

The journal also regularly includes commentaries, new perspectives, and paired perspectives, which typically run from 2,000-6,000 words in length and include no more than 10 images. Appreciations occasionally appear at the back of an issue.


Prospective authors should refer to past issues to review the kinds of articles the journal accepts and the formats in which they appear.