Editorial Policy

Manuscript Acceptance Policy


Double-blind Peer Review: All papers deemed appropriate for the AJS are sent out for review under the double-blind system: the identity of participants is not disclosed to authors or to referees. AJS will not knowingly send papers to persons within the network of the submitting author, including current colleagues, coauthors, PhD cohorts, and so on. Persons who have seen and commented on a paper informally, thereby knowing the identity of the author, should be listed in the manuscript’s acknowledgment note.  Authors should prepare manuscripts without identifying information: submit your cover page (with acknowledgment note) as a separate file; word self-references carefully to avoid specific attribution; eliminate personal notes concerning data collection and awards and grants, and so on. Author should understand that the editors rely heavily on the judgments of the referees but are not bound by them.

Submission, Novelty, and Copyright:
Manuscripts are accepted for publication subject to the understanding that AJS has the right of first publication. Submission of a manuscript to AJS is taken to indicate the author's commitment to publish in this journal. No paper known to be under consideration by another journal will be reviewed by AJS. In addition, AJS is not a suitable vehicle for materials published elsewhere, in whole or in part. Authors may be asked to make a statement of novelty regarding their AJS submission and other published work. Upon publication, all rights, including subsidiary rights, are owned by the University of Chicago Press. The author retains the right to use his or her article without charge in any book of which he or she is the author or editor after it has appeared in the journal and after obtaining permission.