Randolph Petilos

Assistant Editor

E-mail: rpetilos@uchicago.edu
Subjects: Medieval studies; poetry in translation
Series: The Other Voice in Early Modern Europe, Phoenix Poets (this series is closed to unsolicited submissions)


A native of the fiftieth state, which I don’t visit as often as I should, I joined the Press in June of 1989 after receiving a BA from Harvard University and an MA from the University of Chicago. In addition to assisting the editorial director of acquisitions with humanities titles, I also acquire books in medieval studies and poetry, as well as manage two series, Phoenix Poets and The Other Voice in Early Modern Europe. A roving humanist by nature and profession, my recent acquisitions for the Press reflect my varied interests, including: El Dorado, by Peter Campion; The Birth of Theory, by Andrew Cole; Richard Wagner: A Life in Music, by Martin Geck; Particle and Wave, by Benjamin Landry; Between History and Myth, by Bruce Lincoln; Seeing Sodomy in the Middle Ages, by Robert Mills; Trade and Romance, by Michael Murrin; Neighboring Faiths, by David Nirenberg; The Selected Poetry of Pier Paolo Pasolini, edited and translated by Stephen Sartarelli; The Accounts, by Katie Peterson; Reel to Reel, by Alan Shapiro; and Boccaccio: A Critical Guide to the Complete Works, edited by Victoria Kirkham, Michael Sherberg, and Janet Levarie Smarr.


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