Priya Nelson

Associate Editor

Subjects: Anthropology, history

My interests in history include the history of ideas, world history, historical anthropology, biography, and works of broad historiographical significance. Geographically, Africa, Asia, and the Atlantic world have been longstanding strengths of the Press, though proposals from outside of these areas are most welcome. In anthropology, books that combine ethnography and critique fit particularly well with our theoretically sophisticated list. Exchange, value, religion, urban studies, mediation, political practice, epistemology, social theory, and ethnographic writing are topics of special interest, though anything that uses classic themes to investigate contemporary issues tends to catch my eye. To balance our scholarly list, I also seek general interest books on current events by anthropologists, historians, cultural critics, and journalists. For a list of recent titles, please see our subject catalogs in anthropology and history.

My fields of acquisition reflect my academic training at the University of Chicago and the University of Texas at Austin. I joined the Press in 2011 and have been responsible for acquiring new works since 2013.

I am lucky to work with Dylan Montanari, who provides essential support for these editorial endeavors.


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