Margaret Hivnor


Acquires reprint rights from other publishers for previously published works in all fields in which the Press is active

I acquire reprint and electronic rights to books not originally published by The University of Chicago Press, which we then publish in paperback. These include books recently published in cloth, such as Darwin’s Sacred Cause and older titles that have recently fallen out of print, such as The Irony of American History. It’s a pleasure to add reprints to the many fields in which the press has strong lists: history, economics, science, nature, sociology, law, architecture, classics, theology, music, and others. We also acquire reprint rights in fiction. 

I’ve held my current position since 1985. After earning degrees from Harvard and The University of Chicago, I taught part-time and worked as an editorial assistant at the Press before acquiring reprint rights.

I work with my colleagues at the Press to select books that fit well on Chicago’s list then lease rights from authors, publishers, and agents. Recent authors include Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Michael Polanyi, Fazlur Rahman, Mike Royko, Cyril Connolly, Leo Durocher, Heinz Kohut, Richard Stark, and Tom Vanderbilt

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