Joe Jackson


Subjects: Economics, business, and finance
Series: National Bureau of Economic Research, Markets and Governments in Economic History

I seek out and invite high-quality work in economics, finance, and business. This comprises a huge range of topics that have altered the lives of many people in recent years and that address perennially important questions. I’m interested in work at all levels—from technical breakthroughs in econometrics to simple, artful explanations of findings that would surprise or fascinate anyone. That includes work that seeks to propel the fields themselves, informs other fields in the social sciences and elsewhere, or is informed by them.

Recent exemplary releases include House of Debt, by Atif Mian and Amir Sufi; The Myth of Achievement Tests by James J. Heckman, John Eric Humphries, and Tim Kautz; and Well Worth Saving, by Price Fishback, Jonathan Rose, and Kenneth Snowden.

Before Chicago, I worked on the economics and finance list at Oxford University Press. Originally from Austin, Texas, I made my way here via Naples, Italy, and New York City. Now at a premier institution of the fields I acquire in, I’m delighted to work closely with the best scholars and writers to ensure the press matches the university's excellence in these areas, and its reputation for rigorous, open discussion.

Ensuring this happens is editorial associate Holly Smith.


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